B1 Moving screen

About Us

Company Moving Screen was founded in 2007. At the time the advertising market lacked quality and innovative communication channels, while advertisers were in search of new ways to reach buyers.Guided by a clear vision, the founders of the company recognized the needs of the advertising market and discovered ways how to reach different target groups through new communication channels.

The introduction of LCD monitors in pharmacies, Moving Screen is offered by way of a commercial promoting products prior to a precise target group. These are patients who are due to the existence of a health problem visited the pharmacy to find an adequate therapy. In addition to drugs that have received a prescription from a doctor, this way they could get additional information about the products that are sold without a prescription affect various health ailments.

In accordance with market demands and the need to focus attention only on one client and his product, since March 2009. Moving Screen started to lease advertising media on the enlightened displays B4 formats that are positioned near the cash registers. Cooperation in this area started with 400 selected pharmacies throughout Serbia.

Since November 2009, we also offer LED illuminated displays in the windows of pharmacies and hangers.