B1 Moving screen


Health, education and promotion in pharmacies

Pharmacy is a place to meet patient needs, product and sufficient time for effective communication of promotional content

Products advertised in pharmacies instil trust and provide additional information at a key moment – the moment of making a purchase, precisely at the point of sale.
All pharmaceutical companies want to be in pharmacies at the point of sale! Our experience shows that all promotional materials you representatives leave in pharmacies are replaced quickly after the visit from another sales representative.
By using Moving Screen advertising system in pharmacies you presence and the visibility of your messages is guaranteed throughout the entire duration of the lease!
This way pharmacies generate additional income and it is in their best interest to ensure that educational-promotional messages assist the sale of your product.

Possibilities of promotion:
• LED panel in pharmacy window
• Illuminating counter poster stand – thanks to its location on the counter it has been recognized as the most efficient advertising space in a pharmacy.
• Illuminating counter mat, hangers
• Various other options – sample distribution, pharmacy branding, decorating show windows, etc.
We will quickly respond to your query and suggest a mode of communication with your target group. Tel: +381 11 241 56 72

50,000 potential customers visit every day a network of 400 pharmacies in Serbia.

Advertising surfaces are located in the busiest pharmacy chains across Serbia:Apoteka Beograd, Lilly apoteke, Sanolabor,Goodwill apoteka, Oaza zdravlja, Farmenea, Filly farm, Galen farm, Apoteke Janković, Apoteke Biljana i Luka, Apoteka Šabac, Apoteka Smederevo, Apoteka Aranđelovac, Apoteka Užice, Oto medical, Jasfarm, Apoteke Marković Kruševac, Zlatni lav .

Listed advertising media is achieved synergies of advertising and communication to the customer by the entry into the pharmacy to approach the recipe and making purchasing decisions. Because in our advertising offer portfolio we have advertising in health care centers and advertising in pharmacies, enables clients to achieve high-quality advertising in health care institutions.

  • 500 pharmacies
  • 2.000.000 potential buyers monthly
  • 1.500 advertising media
  • 800 pregrada za 200.000 informativnih letaka
  • 5 do 10 minutes average stay at the pharmacy
  • 5 do 10 minutes the customer is exposed to promotional message